A passion for seat covers
A passion for seat covers



Founded in 1988 with 183 employees, COINDU’s core business is the production of seat covers for different OEMs. Today Coindu has over 6000 employees worldwide and is known amongst the major brands for the quality of its products and the flexibility of its manufacturing process. Constantly trying to respond beyond expectations of our customers is the cornerstone of the COINDU Group. This ambition is transmitted by our employees as well as our partners and suppliers.

Critical to COINDU’s success is the proximity to the customer in order to synchronise our growth with the changing needs of the OEMS. This has resulted in our organization being present in several countries and regions, while keeping our head office in Portugal, but creating autonomous companies that are able to represent our values to customers wherever their location.

The customer centers represented a leap ahead in terms of COINDUs’ relationships with customers, enabling us, to affirm ourselves more and more as a business partner, dedicating all its know-how to the service of the OEMs from the first stages of product development.

Team spirit, flexibility, ethical values, continuous improvement, the ability to change and adapt to new environments are some of the values that enable us to offer the right product at the right time with the highest quality and best prices for our customers.